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COVID-19 Shipping Update 7/10

As you may know, our main location is in Austin, Texas.


Due to the 600% rise in cases over the last few days, USPS has seen numerous delays with inbound and outbound packages from our location in Texas.


This has also resulted in over 50% of our staff being quarantined or hospitalized, as a result our Support Team is heavily hindered by the influx of tracking requests and constrained staff. Please take note, the virus is real. We are working around the clock to ensure everyone is spoken with, we are asking for a little time and understanding on your behalf. 


We are extending our Shipping Policy to 30 Business Days due to this.


Per USPS Official Website, there are delays with the shipping service. As a result, ALL tracking numbers are delayed, this is out of our control.


We are still sending out orders. Please check with your local state postal office for information regarding local restrictions. 


We expect to be fully functioning by 7/21 as changes are being made.


Thank you.



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